5 Reasons You Need To Visit ATLAS at Shoppes KL

Time to tickle your taste buds with gourmet ingredients!
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1. Atlas Gourmet Market

It has the best combination of local and global ingredients gathered under one roof. The fresh local produce — from greens to fruits — are all handpicked by the store manager and brought over from Cameron Highlands to Selayang. Also displayed on the shelves are imported coffee beans, chocolates, truffles, canned sardines (which tasted delicious!), organic juices made in France, and even foie gras.

Here you can also find fresh cuts of meat from Australia, New Zealand and Japan, all of which are selected by the master butcher, who is also the general manager, Daniel Greig. As you look further down past the selection of meat, you’d find imported oysters, live lobsters, and other fresh seafood.

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