If You Love Japanese Food, Then This Restaurant Is A Must Visit!

A tsukemen noodles restaurant, Mitsuyado Seimen, from Japan has opened its doors for the first time in Malaysia at the Starling mall. Mitsuyado Seimen is not your typical Japanese noodles restaurant for at Mitsuyado you will be dipping your Japanese noodles in their dipping soup then only get to eat it!


The flavourful Mitsuyado’s dipping soup is thick and rich plus its recommended to have your ramen at a cold temperature (but you can choose to have it hot as well). Find out more below of the different types of dipping soup and side dishes available at Mitsuyado Seimen.

Main picture courtesy of Mitsuyado Seimen. 

Note: Mitsuyado Seimen is a NON-HALAL restaurant.


Cheese Up Your Noodles

An all time favourite is Mitsuyado’s Cheese Tsukemen. This must have dish is served with cheddar cheese and their signature dipping soup made with the Japanese yuzu fruits. The delicious cheese dish is priced at RM29.90 (regular) and RM31.90 (large).

Spice Your Taste Buds

If you are looking for a similar taste to our Malaysian spicy soup or curry, you’ll definitely want to try Mitsuyado’s Karashi Tsukemen. The Karashi Tsukemen is a delicious spicy pork dipping soup served with Japanese springy noodles. The spicy dipping soup is priced at RM26.90 (regular) and RM28.90 (large).

Sesame Soup Loving

Another signature dipping soup of Mitsuyado is TanTan Sesame Tsukemen. This particular dipping soup is made with sesame sauce and served with pork cubes that are also stewed with their special sauce. This tasteful soup and noodles is priced at RM27.90 (regular) and RM29.90 (large).

Rolling Them Dumplings

Mitsuyado’s Pork Gyoza dumplings are another all time fav aside from their dipping soup. These amazing dumplings are made with juicy pork wrapped in dough and are then pan fried. This delicious side dish is priced at RM12.90.