A Quick Brown Rice Fix To Fill You Up

Make this brown rice beverage when you need something quick yet filling.

Brown rice is often touted as being the healthier alternative to white rice. However, not all of us can consume it on the daily due to a number of reasons. In some families, not everyone prefers the taste. Some may be intimidated by the slightly different water ratio when cooking it. Others may just be used to eating white rice daily and find it hard to make the switch.

Benefits of brown rice

Now, there’s an easier way to get your brown rice fix with the Nestum Special Edition Brown Rice, which is a hot cereal beverage that is easy to consume. The drink contains much of the benefits of brown rice and is good for those looking for a quick yet healthful breakfast that is easy to prepare and fits into the clean-eating requirements. Nestum Brown Rice is said to contain 54% more grains and 26% less sugar compared to the 3-in-1 Original variant, with brown rice, whole wheat, corn and rice among its ingredients. 

A Quick Fix For The Fasting Month

The Muslim month of Ramadhan is coming soon, when Muslims fast for about a month before celebrating Eid. However, many are fasting beforehand due to replacing missed fasting days the previous year. Some others are also doing voluntary fasts that are recommended in Islam.

Photo by Rawpixel.com/Pexels.com

If you are one of those fasting this month, waking up for ‘sahur’ to eat something before the coming of dawn could be a real drag when no one else is up. Cooking for one seems like too much trouble. Adding Nestum Brown Rice to your ‘sahur’ meal could help fill you up a little bit more and for longer as a complement to that easy-to-make sandwich or simple soup.

NESTUM® Brown Rice is available at selected grocery stores throughout Malaysia at a retail price of RM11.20 per pack in West Malaysia and RM11.80 per pack in East Malaysia.

For more information visit https://www.facebook.com/NestumMalaysia  or  www.nestum.com.my.