8 Things You Need to Know About Lemongrass

Also known as serai, lemongrass is easy to grow and can help combat a multitude of health and beauty ailments!
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Given its anti-bacterial properties, it’s a great way to go natural with your deodorant! Combine drops of lemongrass oil with virgin coconut oil as the latter has been shown to have antifungal and antimicrobial properties – boosting this concoction’s efficacy. Then, just slather them onto your underarms and wait a few minutes for it to dry before putting on your clothes. Do note that as this mixture does not contain chemicals, it works to stop only the odour and not perspiration. If you want an antiperspirant, try adding the oil to baking soda instead!


Suffering from a case of back acne or skin irritations? Why not make your own luxurious scrub that will be gentle enough on the skin, but still give you that all-over glow. Salt may sting if you have nicks and cuts from shaving or epilating, so opt for sugar instead. Besides a few drops of lemongrass oil, add other oils of your choice to keep skin supple – choose from coconut, jojoba or bergamot.


If this works on your body, imagine the plethora of benefits your face will yield from it! Try working its amazing properties into some of your DIY masks, such as adding a few drops into raw honey for a mask that will moisturise and brighten your skin. But for a soothing treat on a hot day, boil some lemongrass water and empty the contents into a spray bottle. Just chuck it into the fridge and use when needed as a cooling toner.

This article first appeared in August 2017 issue.

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