8 Things You Need to Know About Lemongrass

Also known as serai, lemongrass is easy to grow and can help combat a multitude of health and beauty ailments!
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Whichever name it goes by, there’s no mistaking its particularly distinctive scent that conjures up images of a day of relaxation at the spa! But more than that, you’ll find it aplenty in Asian cooking, infusing dishes with a mellow citrusy zing and adding depth to flavours. The best part? You can easily get it in wet markets and grocery stores – often sold in bundles at an affordable price.


When you’re getting fresh stems from the supermarket and select those that have a light brown base. Next, place the ends in a glass or jar of water – be patient and change the water weekly! It may take several weeks but once a good root system has formed, place it in a pot with soil mix and trim the tops of each stem. You’ll need to water it well and place it where there’s plenty of sunshine!

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