6 Steps to BBQ Durian

Some people say this tastes better than the uncooked version!

Up your durian game with this 6-step recipe!



1. Put durian on heat and start grilling.


2. Turn the durian over from time to time to make sure it is well-cooked.


3. Grill until the durian shells start to crack. 

4. But wait, we’re not quite done yet. Continue grilling the durian for another 5 to 10 minutes after the shells crack.  


5. Take note of the colour of the durian. The durian is well-cooked when the shell turns black.  


6. Serve it while it’s hot. Remember to eat it with a spoon so don’t burn your tongue! 


This article was originally published on funnymalaysia.net.

Photo credit: funnymalaysia.net