13 Amazing Benefits Of Cranberries

Reap the benefits of this brilliant fruit in a myriad of ways.
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Cranberries may not be very common here, but they do pop up in some of our favourite food and drinks. They’re in the sauce we have on the side with our Ikea meatballs. And in the fruity and slightly tart juice we drink to perk up!

Who doesn’t like IKEA meatballs? from r/animalslookingatfood

1. What’s your colour?

Ripe cranberries are fire-engine red and a little opaque. Those that are golden or deep purple are most likely overripe, while pale pink ones will be horrendously bitter as they haven’t been on the vine long enough!

2. Fresh and bouncy 

It may seem strange, but cranberries that are just right for eating or cooking will bounce on countertops!

3. The right way to prep

Fresh cranberries are usually a wee bit too tart to be eaten raw. Take note that you should cook them only till they’ve popped, as overcooked ones will taste bitter.

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