Shape Fitness Festival 2019 – All The Details Are Here!

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SO. MANY. FREEBIES! And Games, Too!

We have booths that will be giving you free samples and services, and where you can get more information on various health, fitness and nutrition products.  The participating brands are:

  • Belif will be holding a basketball challenge in which you can win a skincare pack.
  • Celebrity Fitness, Chi Fitness and Fitness First will have their consultants and trainers to entertain any queries and promotional memberships, and to give fitness and wellness tips.
  • Columbia Asia will be giving complimentary health screenings, including blood pressure, blood sugar and scoliosis tests.  Additionally, you can get a cholesterol level test done at RM10.
  • Farmer’s Union will give out samples, sell products and you can also redeem goodies here.
  • Fossil will organise a bike ride and the King of Hammer challenges, which offer plenty of prizes.
  • GNC is giving away Optimum Nutrition products and is selling a wide range of health products at fantastic discounts!
  • and Hush Puppies has also lined up some pretty awesome freebies.

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