How to Get Better Posture

Team Her World reviews Pilates Reformer workout for better posture.

We all have issues with our posture. The Her World team was given the opportunity to try out the Pilates Reformer workout recently.  We soon learnt that with this workout, it helped us better our posture as in our work, we often find ourselves seated, hunched in front of a computer.

What is Pilates Reformer?

This work out routine is designed for you to allow you to work on different muscle groups. Using a combination of reformer (seen above in the picture), springboard, spine corrector and mat, as well as some props, you will surely give your body a good stretch.

According to their website, this class helps to build a strong core which can assist you in transitioning into other exercises. It also let’s you learn about control and precision. Muscles you hardly use daily will be awaken with the different movements during the session. This allows your body to realigned and grow stronger.

Gan Yee Fen, co-founder of Beyond Movement shared with us how doing Pilates reformer would help you in having a better posture.

HW : How does the exercise help to give one better posture?
GYF : You are working all the muscles that helps to support your structure into an upright position for a good posture.

HW: The key benefit for the exercise?
GYF: You are building body awareness for functional activities, which is key to all Pilates exercises.

Review by Team Her World

“Moving the carriage of the reformer while keeping my body stable definitely took focus and precision! At the end of the class, I could stand straighter and my shoulders were better aligned.” – Adelina Tan, deputy editor

“The class is great even for beginners as the intensity and workout are both personalized according to your strength and target. It’ll also benefit those who are looking to recover from an injury and correction of their posture.” – Nadhirah Othman, fashion & beauty writer

“The class emphasised more on movement, which in the long run, should lead to posture correction. While it may not be a high intensity class, you’ll be working all your smaller muscles and it does heighten your body awareness.”- former features writer, Poon Li Wei

About Beyond Movement

Beyond Movement, is a boutique fitness studio that seeks to help improve your movement, long-term health and wellness. Focusing more on group classes, Beyond Movement encourages team fitness sessions.

Location : 67, Jalan Bangkung, Taman Bandaraya, Kuala Lumpur,

Contact : 013 616 3986 / 03 2201 6822