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SHAPE’s Fit People 2019 just got hotter with these 10 trainers; they aren’t just fit and committed to their lifestyle, but they’ve got vibrant personalities, too. Get to know them through these interviews, and vote for your favourite man and woman HERE.

The top TWO winners will be featured on the July/ August 2019 cover!

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Emilio Legaria Sim, @emiliolegaria, Programme creator and manager at TRIBE Boxing Studio

Fit Fashion: Ignite Singlet Mono, RM89, A.C.E. Woven 2in1 Shorts, RM109, both Puma.

Fitness motto: “Do everything at 100%.”

How did you get into fitness? “Whether it was running track and field, football or basketball, I was already involved in fitness ever since I could walk! Fitness has been a part of my life since then.”

Favourite workout move? “Tough one. But it has to be the good, old push-up.”

Go-to breakfast? “Toast with peanut butter (loaded to the brim!), Manuka honey, chia seeds, cinnamon powder, cacao nibs, and some Creatine sprinkled on top. It keeps me going all morning!”

When are you the happiest? “When I’m exercising, or listening to music. That’s why I love doing both at once. And the occasional beer definitely has its spot up there, too.”

How do you unwind? “I enjoy  having my downtime at home with Netflix with a beer in-hand. A good book comes close.”

Favourite cheat food? “Any kind of burger really! Double juicy patties, loaded with cheese, drenched in sauce, with a side of fries. My mouth is already watering just speaking of it.”

Three things you can’t live without:? “Family and friends, exercising  and music.”

What’s in your current workout playlist? “My playlist is always super diverse. But you can be damn sure that there will always be HipHop and Hardstyle!”

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