SHAPE Tries: Gaining Deep, Satiating Sleep From Martha Collard’s Gong Puja

Sound healing to promote sleep.
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How was it for me

To be honest, it took me about 40 minutes to get used to the sounds and rhythms of the gongs, before I relaxed into it. And when I did, I wasn’t deeply asleep without any awareness. I was drifting in and out of consciousness, while feeling sleep drowsy. But I wasn’t made uncomfortable by the gong sounds, nor was it hindering me from relaxing further. I did wake up like a million times to use the loo because the room was set at a chilly temperature to help us sleep. The session ended about quarter past 7am, and we woke up to Martha’s alarm. The last I went to the loo was at 4.30am, and it was 7.15am when I woke up. So I must have really slept in between. Before we left, Martha reminded us again of how we would be feeling in the next few days. 

“Enjoy. You will be feeling like you’re operating on another level,” she said. At this point, I didn’t know what to expect of the days ahead. 

The programme ended with a breakfast at the studio’s cafe.

I don’t have the habit of napping, but that noon, I went into a deep, restful sleep, waking up light, like a well-rested child. I had the same quality of uninterrupted sleep that very night. It’s been a week since the session, and I’m still getting this deep, satiating form of sleep when my head touches the pillow. I’ve been falling asleep without much effort, and remain so continuously without waking up for hours! Perhaps, this is the deep state of relaxation that the session was aiming for. 


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