3 Easy Steps To Mediterranean Diet Lunches

Healthy eating made simple (and, easy!).
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In case you missed it, the Mediterranean diet was named the top diet for 2019—and it’s not the first time this diet has been crowned the queen of eating styles.

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The diet doesn’t have hard-and-fast rules like some other diets (looking at you, keto diet), so it can be a little confusing to follow. Here are the basics: There are numerous countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea, including Greece, Israel, Spain, France, Italy, Turkey, Lebanon, and Syria. The Mediterranean diet can vary by culture, depending on which country you’re looking at. However, as the Mediterranean Sea is at the center of all these countries, it makes sense that fish is encouraged. Healthy fats, lean protein, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and whole grains are also important parts of the diet.

If you’re looking to eat the Mediterranean way but are always in a time crunch, meal prepping is your answer. (Let’s be honest: Meal prepping is always the answer.) The best place to start? Lunch.

1. Prepare to meal prep two days per week

You might traditionally have your meal-prep parties on Sundays, but because the Mediterranean diet promotes eating fish and lots of fresh produce, you’ll need to split your meal prep to two days a week.

That’s because cooked produce will spoil after two to three days and fish shouldn’t be kept for more than three days in the fridge. Prep on Sunday and then again on Wednesday, for example, to minimise food waste and make sure your meals are safe to eat.

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